Eating Off-Road: Vendors, Snacks, and More

One of the best parts of off-road events is the fun food for the whole family. From burger stalls to barbeques there’s something to suit every taste palette. Obviously, the assortment of foods will depend on where the event is located, and the fees paid for registration. Some events have full restaurant fare onsite, while others suggest packing food from home. Most provide some sort of food option, even if its only at the end of the event.


Before you register, or set off for your next off-roading adventure, read the overview and determine whether you need to pack your cooler full, or just bring a few snacks for the road. Here are a some of the food options you can expect to see at major off-roading events around the United States.



Buffet Breakfast



If you’re heading out for a weekend event with the family, you might be lucky enough to enjoy a breakfast option as part of your registration package. Hunter Mountain, in New York, for example, hosts a 4×4 off-road weekend adventure which includes breakfast and picnic boxed lunches. Some other events provide breakfast for an added cost, but serve it buffet style first come first serve. Expect to see pancakes, toast, jam, and plenty of bacon to satiate your appetite and get your motor running for the day.



Food Stall Heaven


Food stalls come in all shapes and sizes, from taco trucks to ice cream stands. Some events, such as the Annual Trailfest in South Pittsburg, Tennessee has a section designated specifically for food and merchandise called “Vendor’s Row”. Here, you can find all the best off-roading food and snacks you could possibly want, along with beverages and other unique items. Food trucks with burgers, fries, pizza, chicken wings, and sweets are popular finds around most off-road event settings.



In the Barbeque Pit



Mud, engines, and campouts are just a few of the things that make off-road events so appealing. Put these things with a barbeque pit and your favorite grub, and you’ve got a perfect combination. Events like Vermonster 4×4 in Bradford, Vermont are a perfect setting to get together with other off-roaders for barbeques burgers, dogs, and other delicious foods. Check ahead for full menus and prices before registering your vehicle.



Campfire Classics



Looking for an event with a campfire to cook over? Check out this year’s Twisted Trails Off-road Park for Mudstock in Copemish, Michigan. Along with the live music and muddy tracks, Mudstock also offers classic cookout food around a campfire. Many of the weekend-long events offer campfire cookouts, or provide space to have your own. Set up your tent, crack open the cooler, and enjoy an evening of good grub and conversations about all the great off-road action you hope to see the next day.


Packing Your Own

Finally, if the event you’re attending doesn’t have a large selection of food, or it’s a smaller venue, they may suggest packing your own snacks. Whether you’re spending the weekend, or only require snacks for the day, you can get a good idea of what types of food to bring based on weather and your timeframe. Sandwiches and energy bars are a great way to battle hunger without the need for long-term cooling. Almost every off-road event has some form of vending service, but it never hurts to be prepared.


Always pack plenty of liquids, especially water. Even if you know that the event has access to on-site food and beverages, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught in a hot vehicle with nothing to drink. Besides, chances are you’ll be having too much fun to drive around looking for the local watering hole.


For more information on upcoming events check out our recent blog postings on off-roading events around the country. To inquire about food services at each event, contact the organizer directly, or visit the official event website for more details. While most events offer food and drink for an additional cost, or as an inclusion with registration fees, not all events cater. Be prepared and stay hydrated no matter which event you choose.

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