Keeping Clean: A Guide to Washing Up After a Day of Muddin’

Driving off-road is tons of fun, but after it’s over and you’re back on solid ground, it’s time to clean up and preserve your ride for the next bout of mud. For some off-roaders, a truck full of caked on mud is a badge of honor for all to see, but if you let that badge bake on in the sun, it’s going to be hard to get off without ruining the paint job underneath.
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Off-road Guide to Tyres: Mud-terrain vs. All-terrain

Tyres are an important part of any vehicle, but they are especially important when it comes to off-reading. Leaving the city asphalt means relying on the wheels beneath your truck to take you through the woods, over the mud, dirt, and rocks, and get you back to the other side safely. If you have the wrong tyres on your truck, not only could you damage your vehicle, you could endanger yourself and other passengers as well.

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Being Prepared for Off-Roading: Basecamp Basics

Planning on off-roading this year and making a trip of it? Most off-road events across North America are full day, or full weekend activities. This means that you’ll need accommodations, and there may not always be a Hilton nearby. Some off-roaders choose to tow a camper for the excursion, while others take the old-fashioned route with tents and fishing poles. Whatever you choose to do, the basecamp setup is an important step toward truly enjoying the off-road experience.

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