5 Things To Check Out Before Registering for an Off-Road Event

If you’re thinking about registering for one of the big up and coming off road events, such as Trucks Gone Wild, or Louisiana Mudfest, get yourself organized first. There are a few things you want to know about the event you are potentially attending, especially if there is a steep registration fee to attend.


Off-road events tend to be all day, or weekend-long activities, which require careful planning and a lot of packing. If you’re only worrying about yourself, this can be easier to plan around, but if the family is involved, you’ll want to make sure there are an ample supply of bathrooms, food stops, and accommodations. Here are 5 points to check off your list.



1. Camp Grounds and Accommodations:



Weekend long off-roading excursions call for sleeping arrangements and being out in the wilderness at a mud track doesn’t often provide you with many options for a 5-star hotel. Read the information about your potential event thoroughly to determine whether there are camp grounds on site, or nearby. If the event website doesn’t offer this information, get the address and do a little digging for yourself.


There’s nothing worse than coming back after a long day of activities only to find that you still have to setup camp somewhere. When you arrive, setup as much equipment as you can. Don’t leave an valuables at the site, but have the essentials ready for relaxation when you’re finished with the main attraction.



2. Family Friendly Activities:



If you’re bringing kids to the event, you want to make sure that there are age appropriate activities to keep them entertained. Playgrounds, bounce castles, petting zoos, and vendor stalls are a great source of entertainment for kids of all ages. Off-roading has the potential to be dangerous if rules aren’t followed, so knowing where your kids are and what they are doing at all times is essential while at an event. Check the website for information on whether or not the event is family friendly, and if so, what does it offer to those under the age of 18.



3. Food Inclusions and Necessary Provisions:



Some events cater, provide barbeques, or offer several food options via food stalls. Others will suggest that you pack your own grub for the weekend. Pay close attention to the information on food and provisions, or you could wind up hungry and with no access to a drive through for miles.


If there aren’t going to be provisions available on-site, be sure to pack for the entirety of your trip. You’ll also want snacks, and to stay hydrated on and off the roads. Plenty of water and electrolyte-packed sports drinks will keep you in good shape for the duration of off-roading challenges.



4. Pet Policies:


Some pets seem like an extension of the self, so it would only make sense to bring them along on your off-road adventure. Read the guidelines carefully when it comes to pets. If the event site doesn’t have any information on pet policies, call and ask before bringing your beloved pooch. Some sites aren’t safe for pups, and you don’t want him or her getting hurt or into trouble while you’re trying to enjoy the event.



5. Hidden Fees:


Finally, be wary of hidden fees that could pop-up post registration. Sometimes there are additional costs for food, campsite rentals, water access, and more. While it’s common to pay for the use of some facilities, you don’t want to be blindsided without your wallet when you arrive at the event. Make sure you’re aware of all costs and are prepared to pay for them, so that you can sit back and enjoy your excursions.


The most important part of any long-term event is preparation. Being prepared with a first aid kit, backup spending money, enough food and water, and sleeping arrangements will keep you safe, and make the event more enjoyable for everyone. If you are unsure about something you see online for an event, contact the organizer directly and ask questions. It’s better to go into an event knowing you have everything you need, rather than just hoping you do.

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