4 Family Friendly Off-Roading Events for 2017

Kids and mud go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it only makes sense that your little ones would want to tag along to the next big off-roading adventure on the calendar. Unfortunately, not all events are family friendly, so it’s a good idea to check on what types of safety precautions, food, and kid-friendly activities are being held at an event you’re considering bringing the whole crew to attend. Here are 4 family-friendly events coming up this year that you might want to look into.



1. Louisiana Mudfest Mud Jam:



Located in Colfax, Louisiana, this event is located in a mud park right on the Red River. The single day event usually takes place on a Saturday in June, and provides access to parties for mom and dad, as well as entertainment and activities for the kids. Complete with camp zones, the Cowbird Café, Mudcat Saloon, and even a swimming hole, this muddin’ track is loaded with fun for all ages. Mudfest also takes part in Trucks Gone Wild, and Mudtruck Destruction, and other events as well.


The track includes dips and gullies, mud holes and ATV trails for all types of muddin’ fun. For more information on Louisiana Mudfest Mud Jam, or other off-roading events, check their website at www.louisianamudfest.com.



2. Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) Trailfest:



The SFWDA Trailfest event happens this year between May 4th and May 7th, 2017. The weekend long adventure includes uphill racing, trail rides, an obstacle course, team activities, and even a few ladies only events. Those who attend can look forward to off-roading demos and seminars, as well as raffles and prizes.


On-site, families can enjoy food from multiple vendors, bounce houses for the kids, games and R/C racing, and wilderness survival training. The weekend long event concludes with live music, a group bonfire, and a big fireworks display that will get you in the mood to start planning next year’s return.


For more information on the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, Trailfest, or event sponsors visit the official website at www.sfwda.org/trailfest.



3. Vermonster Mud Fling:


Located in Bradford, Vermont, the Vermonster 4×4 Spring Mud Fling is a family friendly event that’s been going strong for more than a decade now. Those in attendance can look forward to a weekend full of participation and spectating over some of the most exciting truck and mud sports in the USA. Racing, deep-mud trench contests, speed trials, and the famous “Hill-n-Hole” challenge will all be available.


Rock craws, tractor pulls, and even a race for kids complete with Power Wheels, makes this an event for the whole family. This year Vermonster takes place over the weekend of May 6th to May 7th, but there is a smaller September 23rd to 24th event on the roster for 4x4s at the Vermont State Fairgrounds as well.


For more information on all upcoming Vermonster events, visit the official website at www.vermonster4x4.com.



4. Michigan Mud Jam:



In Hale, Michigan during August 16th to 20th, come take part in Mud Jam at the Iosco County Fair. You can expect to participate and watch several muddy activities, including Trucks Gone Wild. With more than 125 acres of ground to cover, and pet friendly camp grounds, there’s something for everyone.


Tug-o-war, races, and freestyle muddin’ are all on the docket with plenty of food and merchandise vendors to choose from. For more information on other family friendly activities, or for costs of camp sites and pet accommodations, visit the official website at www.michiganmudjam.com.


These are just a small fraction of the many great family friendly events going on across the United States this year. Whether you’re looking for summer fun, or a Fall activity to keep the family busy, there’s plenty of off-roading to be done all year round. Many of these event coordinators also sponsor other events throughout the year, so be sure to check individual websites for information on other activities you and your family might be interested in. If you plan on bringing pets, always phone ahead and ask about additional costs and safety precautions before packing your furry friends. Happy muddin’!

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