SUV or Truck: What Your Off-Roading Vehicle Says About You

Motorcycles, ATVs, and Jeeps are known for their off-roading capabilities, but when it comes down to the larger specimens in the off-roading category, which is best: truck or SUV? Both vehicles have their pros and cons, things like size, cost, transmission, and horsepower. Take a look at a few facts about these mighty machines and determine for yourself whether trucks or SUVs take the award for best muddin’ vehicle in this.
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Being Prepared for Off-Roading: Basecamp Basics

Planning on off-roading this year and making a trip of it? Most off-road events across North America are full day, or full weekend activities. This means that you’ll need accommodations, and there may not always be a Hilton nearby. Some off-roaders choose to tow a camper for the excursion, while others take the old-fashioned route with tents and fishing poles. Whatever you choose to do, the basecamp setup is an important step toward truly enjoying the off-road experience.

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5 Tips to Keep You Safe While Muddin’

Off-roading, fondly referred to as muddin’, doesn’t require a degree, but it does require a little know how and some serious respect for the machine you’re driving. Rocks, sticks, fallen trees, and pot holes can make this fun outdoor activity a hazard if you’re not careful. Before heading off the beaten path, check out these 5 tips to keep you safe and having fun the next time you’re out in your truck.

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